Tips for Finding Your Perfect Yoga Mat

Yoga is a kind of physical activity and movement that does not require a lot of equipment, especially to get started. If you like to do your yoga sessions at home, you are likely to need a few things, such as your mat, comfortable and breathable clothes, and a few other items. While many yoga studios provide everything you need, getting your equipment is likely to feel you much more comfortable. 

The queen of all yoga equipment is a yoga mat; there is no good session without a good yoga mat. Doing your yoga session on a rug, a towel, or an overly-soft gym cushion can be very underwhelming and frustrating, as well as lead to injury. 

But how are you supposed to pick yours? Keep reading to find out many helpful tips and tricks for finding your perfect yoga mat.   



The texture of your yoga mat is going to dictate how much traction it provides, and it also affects how much slipping and sliding you will be doing during your yoga sessions. The yoga mat's texture provides physical barriers to sliding, and it is a component of overall comfort.

In order to make sure that your yoga mat prevents slipping and sliding, looking for a yoga mat with a raised, tactile pattern is always a good bet. Yogi Bands Yoga Mat provides a boasting a high-precision laser engraving and a wavy pattern, which makes our gym mat stay firmly in place during your yoga session. 



The thickness of the yoga mat is closely connected with the comfort that the yoga mat will provide. However, the unfortunate tradeoff is that thick yoga mats can make it harder for you to feel a solid connection to the floor, making you wobblier in some poses. Thicker yoga mats are also a bit more difficult to store in the workout bag. Before you make a decision, consider what is more important to you: comfort or portability. Yogi Bands Yoga Mat offers that sweet spot in between because it is thick enough to provide comfort, but it also comes with a strap for portability.  



As yogis, we hold dear the tenet of ahimsa, or non-violence, and eco-conscious options are very important to us! Yogi Bands Yoga Mat is made of TPE, which is a recyclable and technologically advanced material that requires less energy to produce. When picking your perfect yoga mat, deciding to go for an eco-friendly option is going to make you feel really good about being gentler to our planet and creating less waste in your yoga practice. 



Once you have narrowed your choices down by other above-mentioned factors, remember that style is also an essential factor to consider! Liking your yoga mat will make you enjoy your workout much, much more, and happy and lively colors will put a smile on your face. Yogi Bands Yoga Mat comes in stunning blue colors that you will love to show off!